Many people, who have had a fall or who are at risk of falling, need effective and comfortable hip protection.

SAFEHIP® is an evidence-based, clinical and economic hip protector designed to reduce the incidence of hip fractures. The patented shield technology of SAFEHIP® uses an energy shunting technique to take the fall impact by dispersing the energy from the fall away from the hip area.

AirX_shield Classic_Foam_shield

  The AirX™ textile shield

The Classic foam shield

Clinical trials around the world show that SAFEHIP® can significantly reduce the incidence of hip fractures.*

SAFEHIP® is:  

• An evidence-based product 
• Tested on more than 7,000 people around the world
• A specialised product using AirX™ technology 
• The most sold hip protector on the market

Hindsø K., Lauritzen JB. Intervention study with hip protectors. Osteoporos Int. 1 998;8:119 (abstract) Lauritzen, Petersen Lund 1993




See our SAFEHIP® Animation and learn much more about hip fracture prevention and SAFEFHIP®


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