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Efficient retention of bandages where they are difficult to keep in place.  

Wound sites must be protected from pathogens and further injury in order to promote healing. IV catheters need to be held securely in place to protect against infection, minimize bleeding and avoid displacement of the catheter. To secure effective wound care, textile fixation devices are required to retain all types of dressings and bandages on different parts of the body, where bandages are difficult to place.

The Carefix fixation products for IV and wound patients prevent the displacement of IV tubes and wound dressings. All Carefix products are designed to protect sensitive skin and make adhesive bandages unnecessary. They are developed to fit specific body parts, and they will stay in place, providing comfortable and secure fixation. The products are pre-cut and ready to use, saving time and avoiding needless waste.


  • Ready to use
  • Can also be used on foot
  • Timesaving and easy to apply; ready-to-use pre-cut lengths
  • High and sustained elasticity

Note: When product is contaminated with blood or exudate, washing is not recommended. Product should be discarded.

Recommended sizes:
S = Arm (child)
M = Arm (child/adult)
L = Arm/leg (adult)
XL = Leg (adult)

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