Post-Op Bra BIANCA

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Medical device for postsurgical use after breast surgery and during radiotherapy (contains no metal parts).

Bianca is intended for postsurgical use after breast surgery and/or during radiotherapy, as the bra does not contain metal parts. Bianca is designed to cover the entire treated area of the breast to offer the best possible protection, compression and support, speeding up the entire recovery period. 

The main function of Bianca is to protect, fixate and support the breasts. Also Bianca assists a speedy wound healing and provide optimum user comfort. 

The design is simple (no extra accessories), which makes the bra a perfect choice for breast support during radiation treatment
• Wide shoulder straps provide excellent support to the treated breasts and ensure that no pressure marks or uncomfortable shoulder indentations will occur
• Bianca is mainly made of soft cotton, primarily to obtain skin friendliness and comfort, but also to get superior hold and support
• The bra is seamlessly knitted and has no seams in critical areas, i.a. on or around the cups or on the sides as is the case in most competitive bras
• For superior skin friendliness and comfort the bra has a wide and soft under bust band that also allows easy and untroubled drainage
• Women, who have had breast surgery, often take on a protective posture to shield the treated area. Bianca is designed with a high back to offer postsurgical posture correction. The aim is to protect muscles and joints from strain, reducing neck, shoulder and back pain and providing additional support for a comfortable recovery

• Front closure with hook-and-loop fastener. Loop part is made of soft velour. Hook part with strong and solid grip
• Nice and comfortable edge band for superior skin friendliness
• No irritating care label. Care handling instructions are integrated in the under bust band for optimum skin friendliness

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