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The Soft Support seamless fixation briefs support absorbent pads for all levels of incontinence while offering high breathability and the aesthetics of normal  underwear. The lack of seams in the waist and sides together with anatomically placed Elastane fixation zones provide for comfort without irritation as well as a feeling of leakage security. The highly stretchable, soft polyester fibers smoothly follow the contours of the body and the absorbent pad. A combination of design and high-strength fibers offers extreme cost-effectiveness in a product that can be washed and tumble-dried numerous times. A colour size coding on the outside of the brief helps caregivers find the correct size easily and quickly.

With the two-piece, Pad & Pant system we are combining effectiveness with understanding and respect. A large number of users can benefit from an effective fixation of pads or dressings providing a leakage secure, comfortable and at the same time cost effective solution. This is a perfect and more economic alternative to ordinary diapers with adhesive tapes.



• Maximum leakage security due to the special design and materials
• The pad is fitted perfectly and close to the body also when person is mobile
• Soft leg openings avoid red marks
• The open structure of the Pad&Pant system allows the skin to breathe
• All fibres are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to prevent skin irritations



• Designed for easy change of pad also when person is standing
• Improved comfort and better anatomic shape than by all-in-one products



A Pad & Pant solution is generally less expensive than an all-in-one solution (pull-ups, tape diapers) due to:
• Perfect and tight fit to the body allow use of smaller products
• Better comfort and high leakage protection mean fewer changes of pads
• The flexibility created through the wide range of products and sizes gives better individual solutions
• The environment also benefits as smaller products and fewer changes mean less waste and  environmental impact as well as reduced costs
• Washable 50 times (60° / 140° F)

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